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Sischain Network

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Sischain is an anonymous social network to fight gender violence against women 


Sischain aims to create a women network of mutual support through the city. The primary reason is that we want to offer help to the women under gender violence.


This help comes in the form of time. Women that had similar experiences can offer their time to speak with the women in need of help and share their mutual experiences. Through this, women will feel that they are not alone, they will learn how other women dealt with similar experiences and get more empowered!


These meetings will only happen through safe places in the city - verified through sischain. In addition, we offer a network of professionals like psychologists and lawyers that can help women in legal processes. 


Time Bank

Our most valuable asset is time! We believe that sharing our  experienences gives us more power. Sischain is all about offering time to our sisters in need of help. We want to create a timebank for our sister network in order to meet, talk and support each other. Through these meetings we hope that the sisters in need of help will be empowered and get support to get over their bad experience.


Safe Places

We want to create a safe network in the city where women will feel safe to express their feelings and ask for help! This network will provide the places where sisters will meet to spend time together and where they know that they can always ask for help in case of emergency. These places can be public like libraries, ateneus, schools and private such as bars, restaurants and cafes.

Professional help


Our idea is that sischain will provide a network of sisters in the city that will be the safe place to go when you need help! Through this network women will be able to seek professional help such lawyers, psychologists, doctors etc. 

Need for help


According to studies, in Spain only the 20% of gender violence cases are being reported. Many women are afraid of talking about the experiences due to possible stigma or because they do not trust that the system will help them. 

With Sischain we want to prove that the problem is bigger than it appears in the official numbers and that we need to take action! 

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Search for the Sischain QR code in the city



Download the Sischain app

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Create an account and connect with the Sischain network 



Meet with sisters in safe places, share your experiences and create a community of mutual support

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